Monday, July 5, 2010


hey you all,
I have my other blog up and running now. Actually have had it for a bit and have already gone though major blogging, and now not so much. Here is the new address ~

Check it out :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Olivia is a good little sleeper. She usually only wakes up once in the night, then when Orlund's alarm goes off and then again around 9am. Joy is also a good sleeper. She sleeps from 7/8pm until usually 7:30/8am.

Tuesday Olivia actually napped when Joy and Grace went down. (silence ~ it was nice!). Well in the evening she needed to have a bm. So she was fussy most the night, Orlund even had to take over for me at I was to exhausted to handle it. She finally went to bed around 10:30pm. Woke up a couple extra times in the night and got up for the day at 7am.
So yesterday (Wednesday) was a good day. I didn't get out for a walk, that was due to Joy actually sleeping in until 9am. So once breaky was done it was to hot for a walk. We played in the back yard it a bad thing that I have so much fun drawing with chalk on the sidewalk?
Anyway, last night. Olivia went to bed then got up played, pooped and finally went down around 9:15pm. We had a good night she slept her usual sleep (better actually!) she got up around 5:30am and hasn't woke yet and it's 8am.
Grace just asked for a nap so I just put her down, but now I hear Joy is awake. Guess I'd better get this day going. The pictures are of Joy making 'mud pies' and my chalk drawings.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So everyone these days seem to be blogging. Orlund got tired of his sister saying she wanted to blog but not setting one up, so when she was over on Sunday he set one up for her (I'll post the link once she posts something!). She announced it on Facebook that she was going to be blogging and one of her cousin's mentioned her blog address.. didn't know she blogged. So I checked her blog out. Awesome! she has a pair of ADORABLE little boys and posts A LOT of pictures. This blog is mostly for my rambling so I rarely post pictures.... but pictures are more interesting.... guess I'll have to start posting some more! I should ramble less and picture more, however I don't get much 'adult' interaction so this is my way of 'talking'... and I'm a talker... so sorry people for the lack of pictures, I'll try harder. I am also going to be switching my blog address soon, just setting it up at the moment. (I'll let you know when we switch over).

God bless!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to any Dad's out there.

Here is how our Wonderful Father's day was spent.

Day 1 ~ Saturday. Okay not 'officially' father's day however we dedicated Saturday to spending the day as a family.

In the morning Orlund got up first and made waffles (okay so I should have made them but he's the bestest at it). I chopped up strawberries. fresh strawberries. from our garden. yummy. And we had some whipping cream (so we thought, turned out it was whipping topping ~ not as yummy). What a perfect start to the day! Orlund, Joy and myself sat down and ate while Olivia slept in.

After breakfast was cleaned up Joy and I decided it was time for gifts. So Joy oh so proudly marched over to Daddy to show him the beautiful card she made him. Then he unwrapped a 5qrt Crock pot (some gift you say? He wanted one). I gave him a Crock pot cook book.

We then got the girls dressed, made lunch and headed out to a local playground (in walking distance). It was the perfect day. Warm but not scorching, and just the slightest breeze. It was our first time to this playground and it was perfect, fenced in, shade, kid swings, a slide that Joy can climb up to all on her own. perfect. We enjoyed a picnic lunch while Joy played, occasionally running up for a bite to eat.

We headed home so Joy took a nap, and I cleaned the house while Orlund went grocery shopping. Joy woke up before Orlund returned so I chopped up some veggies and we had a little snack. Once Orlund returned we headed out to Walmart to purchase our Dad's Father day gifts.

After our shopping we headed to dinner. I didn't tell Orlund where we were going so I gave him directions and he kept guessing. We went to a local Sushi restraunt called 'Oya'. They have an all you can eat dinner for $24.95, and we LOVE sushi. It was the perfect surprise for him.

After filling our tummies we came home, put the kids to bed and enjoyed a quiet evening watching 'the office'.

Day 2~ Sunday. Church. Enjoyable although I was stuck in the nursery with Olivia the entire service. We came home to host a Father's day BBQ with our families. (well Orlund's parents and sister and my Dad). It was a scrumptious lunch (thanks Honey!). Then Twyla hung out with us until 6pm (when Joy got up from her nap!) making it a wonderful day!! It is now 7:30pm, Joy has just gone to bed. Olivia is playing with some toys. Orlund has gone out to get some milk and I am blogging.... The perfect end to the perfect weekend!

God bless all you Dad's out there! We need you, love you and appreciate you to no end!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Sunday afternoon Orlund and I decided we should head out on a little walk. Usually on Sunday's we drive to the park and have fun on the playground. This Sunday however we decided to walk over to a small playground that's close to our home (never been before). Orlund was pushing Joy on her trike while I had Olivia in a stroller. It was windy (as our town usually is), but it was really windy. Joy and Olivia were already loaded up and excited to go. So I covered Olivia's stroller with a quilt and out we went. Joy's hat got blown off after about 5minutes, which I almost jumped onto the street to get! oops. As we rounded the second to last corner before the playground a huge gust of wind came up, it almost ripped the stroller out of my hands, we got sand blasted! It was awful! At least I wasn't worried because Olivia was covered. She let out a little cry but I figured it was because of the stroller rocking in the wind. We turned around and headed home.

After arriving home I took Olivia out of the stroller. I noticed some sand on her blanket (that was under the quilt). I shook it out, it was full of sand! I then looked closer at her, she had bits of sand all over her! So did Joy. I had to give them both a bath to get the sand off, and even then I kept finding more of it!! The walk wasn't even 10minutes long!!!

Guess I wont head out when it looks like it'll be getting windier. Just to much sand!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today is shaping up to be a good day. I'm getting to have a lot of those, these days. I like it :)
Yesterday it was raining so instead of going for a walk I did a dance video and hula hooped. It was good.

Today I got the 3 girls ready and headed out for our walk. It was good. Grace showed up in a sundress (it's cold out) so I had to put a pair of Joy's pants on her and one of her jackets. They were both a bit short but did the job. Now the girls are just eating lunch and I hear Olivia has woken up (just in time for the others to nap).

Tomorrow Orlund's parents are coming over for a visit, it's been a while. which means I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done today...... hopefully Grace gets picked up early so that I can do some of it (like vacuuming). Tomorrow is also Olivia and my 8 week postpartum checkup. And Olivia's first shots...gulp... Joy's sleeping habits changed every time she got shots and would stay that way until her next ones. Olivia sleeps GREAT, so I'm a little frightened that she'll stop sleeping so good.... oh well she needs the shots.

God bless you all, hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cats Cats Cats

I love cats.
I am a cat person.
Correction ~ I love MY cats.

Growing up we had cats, outdoor cats. They kept the other cats away (and we lived in the country). then once we moved to town our cat was an indoor/outdoor cat. She also kept the other cats away, she ruled the neighborhood.

Got married. Had mice. Got cat. She was indoor/outdoor. good. Owl got cat. bad. mice return. Got another cat ~ Tipsy.

She's a weird weird cat. Wont jump, climb or do most anything normal cats do. We want her to be indoor/outdoor, however she wont poop anywhere but in the kitty litter. And when we let her outside, she can't get out of the backyard when the gate is closed. So she doesn't keep cats away. There are so many cats in this neighborhood it's not funny! They all used my front flower bed as a litter box over the winter. We decided to fill it in with rocks. Done. Now they poop on my front lawn. Annoyed. I don't even know how many cats there are, but there are a lot. This morning when I rounded the corner onto our street I saw 6 cats all perched on a fence, within an approx 10foot stretch of fence. And I can think of at least 5 more cats that I've seen that weren't apart of this 'cat meeting'. CRAZY!

I love my cat.
I hate cat poop.